Bungalow Courtyard Home Plan

by THAT Painter Lady

Courtyard Home

This unique bungalow is  perfectly adapted for a summer home in anywhere.

The side walls are cement stucco and the style is Spanish Mission, with wide projecting eaves, and the structure is true bungalow as it’s one story throughout.

It is built around an inner court, or patio. The entrance to the bungalow is in the center, from a veranda 22 x 32 feet, the front of which consists of open arches. The rear of this veranda opens on the patio, which is 32 feet square and contains a fountain.

The patio is surrounded by a gallery which gives access to all the rooms except the main living room, 17 by 32 feet, which is entered directly from the veranda.

courtyard home plan

The living room contains a large fireplace in one end, dropped two steps lower than the main floor of the room, and book cases flank the fireplace.

From the living room there is a step up into the dining room, 15 by 22 feet, which is connected with the living room by three open arches.

Back of the dining room are the pantries and the kitchen is in the rear.

On the west is the master suite, consisting of a sitting room, 17 x 24 feet, with a large alcove for the bed. There is a fireplace in the sitting room and closets between there and the alcove. Back of the sitting room is a den, accessible only through the sitting room, assuring  seclusion.

Opening on the gallery surrounding the patio are two guest rooms, each with fireplace and bath.

A very special  feature of this plan is that every room has windows on at least two sides and some have exposure on three sides. The living room, the dining room and the veranda are open to the roof, showing the roof timbers.

The gallery surrounding the patio is arranged to be enclosed with glass for winter use, and the entire patio may be roofed with glass.

R Ritch April 25, 2012 at 10:02 am

Love the design; where can I find this house plan to buy?

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