Hacienda Style Casa Contessa Bronze Ceiling Fan

by THAT Painter Lady

Mexican Style Ceiling FanCasa Contessa Ceiling Fan

I’ve been waiting for years to get a Spanish ceiling fan installed in my family room.

This home was built without a ceiling fan outlet in this room… and electricians are a bit expensive.

So… I suffered with one of those stick fans sitting on the floor.

They work great… but didn’t add to the Hacienda Style of my home.

LampsPlus.com is a one stop shop for ceiling fan choices.

Did you know you can build your own ceiling fan? Choose the light kit, the fan blades and the rod length all with a few clicks of the mouse.

Plus, LampsPlus.com ships really fast. I thought that was going to be super important to me because I had the electrician all lined up… Or so I thought.

The electrician decided to leave town for three weeks.

Guess what? I got a different electrician. One that actually wanted to work! — Go Figure —

Remember – I have a Hacienda Style going on in my house… Is this ceiling fan perfect or what?

You can see it installed in my house right here:  Hacienda Spanish Style Ceiling Fan

Casa Contessa Ceiling Fan

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