How To Get Started With Home Decorating

by THAT Painter Lady

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The term ‘home decorating’ is actually pretty broad. There are many different areas of your home that you can choose to revamp as part of a particular project. For example, you can redo your walls, floors, and more.

However, getting started might stump you a little bit and some helpful tips might be just the thing that you need. Armed with the right advice, you can get your home decorating projects done and have a bit of fun at the same time. If you are a beginner to home decor, don’t fret – below are a few helpful interior design ideas.

The Essentials – Home Decorating Made Easy

Your home decorating attempts are more or less assured of success as long as you familiarize yourself with the essentials of the job in hand. No matter what you want to redecorate or what your budget is, you first need to plan your home decor project extensively.

If you do not have a plan in place, you could get lost in the middle of what you want to do and you won’t get very far.

Before you begin a home decorating project, decide what your budget is going to be and then establish a plan accordingly.

  • You should also include any limitations that you have, for example, if you are a tenant or if you own your home.
  • You should also decide what the purposes of the room or rooms that you’re going to work on are going to be, the space limitations, and any color schemes that you plan to use.
  • Conversely, of course, you should also plan to include any color schemes that are beyond your control (such as those imposed by your landlord) so that your changes don’t clash with the existing fixtures.

The Color Scheme Bible: Inspirational Palettes for Designing Home Interiors

Color is a more important factor with any home decorating project than most people realize. A change of color can give any room an entirely new look and feel. This is why thinking about the intended uses of the room in question are so important before undertaking a home decorating project.

Choose a color scheme which will mesh well with the activities that you will do in the room and the feel you are trying to create for the room. For example, light blue or turquoise gives off a serene, peaceful feeling.

The Essentials Of Planning – Sketching And Drawing

You will next have to get down to the job of planning and sketching your new decor on paper.

  • You’ll need a floor plan,
  • an idea of the colors that you plan to use as part of your new decor,
  • as well as any changes in furniture or other design elements within a room that you plan to make.

When you plan, you don’t have to use specialized architectural tools. It doesn’t have to be fancy – just ensure that you understand it. It can be a basic sketch just to lay out the changes that you’re going to make. It is important to remember that design elements must complement each other.

Take everything into account, especially the furniture, floor and decor.

To assist with your home decor plans (for your color scheme or floor plan for instance), it can sometimes be a good idea to use interior design software.

There are numerous excellent home design software packages available that will help you immensely with your home decor plans.This can be a big help, especially if you encounter unforeseen circumstances.

All of the tips outlined in this article will be extremely useful to you in the beginning stages of your home decorating and can make all the difference between an end result which is stunning and a project which seems to never reach fruition.

Although we’d all like to get it right the first time, keep in mind that it’s not too big an issue if you decide that the colors that you have chosen are not quite right for your home decor – you can quite easily change wall paper or repaint the walls.

Get planning and drawing and get the job done! You will be so pleased with yourself when you see the end result!

Jake April 21, 2009 at 3:33 am

An often overlooked element of home decorating is that once a room is decorated with the right colours, one must also choose the appropriate colour furniture.

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