Large Home Accessories Make Shopping Quicker

by THAT Painter Lady

I love to shop for Home Accessories… but I stopped buying so much a few years ago. I found that I was usually buying small accents that ended up a cluttered mess and not making a statement at all.

I’m all for having a personal look in my home – but a slew of 6 inch tall statues was just getting lost.

We all know that it’s much easier on our budget to buy something small – most of the time it’s less expensive and just plain easier to get out of the store.

Have you ever walked into a great store that just makes you excited and want everything? You shop around and can just “feel” how wonderful everything in the store is.  It seems like just about anything in the store would look so good in your own home.

You have found the home accessories of your dreams… and yet instead of buying something that will make a difference – you purchase a small little trinket.  When it gets home… it doesn’t do a thing but sit of the shelf and look pitiful.

We have all shopped like this… and I had to put a stop to it!

My shopping motto goes something like this now: “If it will fit in a 12 x 12 inch box – it’s not big enough”.

The has made shopping a pleasure and much quicker to boot!

I can breeze through a store and only concentrate on things that are larger than my imaginary box. This cut’s down on what you stop and look at… and makes the whole experience less overwhelming.

Here is an example of a home where we stay in the summer (It’s in Baja, Mexico). The wall is sort of a tangerine/peach that really isn’t two overwhelming, and it’s just this accent wall that’s this color… not the entire space.

I love that I can “SEE” each one of these BIG accessories. They make an impact and I never get tired of looking at them.

This room has a 10′ ceiling height… not the normal 8 foot.  The cabinet is HUGE – Bar Height.

The figurine in the middle is an unusual Angel figure hand made in pottery. A large hammered copper bowl sits on the right and the polished driftwood sculpture reminds me that I’m at the beach (as if I would forget that… lol).

The only thing I’m not very fond of in this arrangement is the framed picture. It’s of no importance in this composition – but would be okay if it was in a heavy carved wood frame.

The cabinet has a hand embroidered cloth on top from end to end. It’s mostly red (hard to see in this photo) and is just the splash of color this vignette needed.

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