Mexican Country Furniture Gives Old World Charm


Villa y Zapata Bar and entry to second dining roomIf you’ve eaten Mexican food lately, you’ve probably seen how the Mexican country furniture gives old world charm to the restaurant.  What is Mexican country furniture and how can you incorporate it into your home?

Authentic Mexican furniture is made from solid wood and often has iron drawer pulls or hinges.  Quite often they are accented with tile or marble; the pieces may be carved similar to the traditional Spanish style doors.

Part of the beauty of Mexican country furniture is the natural aging of the wood.  It is usually handcrafted of Mesquite, Mexican Cypress, Cedar, or Pine.  Wooden dining room suites, bedroom suites, end tables, and armoires will anchor a room as well as adding warmth and old world charm.

In fact, that’s part of the charm of this style of indoor décor.  The amount of distress, how smooth the edges are, and the consistency of the finish will help you determine if a piece of furniture is an original or a reproduction.

ChairTo help you determine if a piece of furniture is an original or not, look at the types of joints the piece has.  Older furniture, especially furniture that is handcrafted, the dovetailed joints may not be even whereas a reproduction piece will have completely even and precise joints.  The use of modern nails and glue in the joints may also indicate that a piece of Mexican country furniture is not authentic.

Look for rustic lines, hand carved designs, and iron hardware to identify this furniture style.  You may also find iron scrollwork on some pieces; others will be brightly painted like orange, red, blue, and yellow.  Leather is also used quite often in Mexican country furniture as upholstery, tabletops, or cushions.

Maybe you don’t want to decorate your whole house with this style of furniture, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have one or two pieces of it.  If you have other wood furniture, you may be able to incorporate a large armoire to hold your television.  Add a couple of wrought iron lamps and the Mexican country look could fit right in.

Mexican country furniture gives old world charm by the use of natural woods, wrought iron elements, and the bold style it affords.  Use this type of furniture in older homes with a Spanish feel to it.  They’re particularly effective in homes that have arched doorways, red tile floors, and dark wood exposed beams.

Mexican Country Style

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