Mexican Paint Ideas Mean Vibrant Colors


Colour_1362Visit Mexico you’ll see vibrant colors to match the vibrant people of this country. If you try to capture some of that look for your own home, Mexican paint ideas mean vibrant colors. Be prepared, however, you may wonder about your own sanity when walk out of the paint store with some of the normal colors used in Mexican décor.

Color has played an important role in Mexican and Central American culture. Aztec and Mayan buildings and temples are painted with bold colors like red, yellow, blue, and green. When the Spanish conquered the early Mexicans their use of color influenced the Mexicans even more.

You may want to start your voyage with Mexican paint ideas by painting an accent wall rather than using the same color on each of the walls. Colors you may balk at using, but that are common south-of-the-border, are orange-pink adobe or hibiscus pink. Check with your local paint store for blues that are bright, reds that are deep and rich, and greens that are lively.

If these vibrant colors are too much for you, you may want to try muted tones of the same or similar colors. Glazing can also help tone the vibrant colors down. You can also use colors that aren’t as bold such as terra cotta and dusky blue or dark yellow and earth-tones like brown. However you choose to paint your walls there are other Mexican paint ideas you can use that will give you the look you want without being so intense.

Even if you don’t paint a room or a wall there are other ways you can incorporate Mexican paint ideas into your home. Find traditional masks that compliment your décor. Multi-colored baskets or ceramics would also bring color into your room. You could even find Mexican blankets, serapes, or ponchos to drape over furniture to give your room a punch of color.Mexican Pottery

Find other ways to bring in color by creating built in niches and use the color inside the niche. Place a complimentary piece of pottery with flowers in the niche. Draw attention to the niche with lighting.

Another way to incorporate Mexican paint ideas is to use hand-painted tiles in your kitchen. Be sure to use as little grout as possible by pushing the tiles as close together as possible; this will help the tiles look more authentic. You’ll have fewer problems cleaning the tiles and chances are the grout won’t chip out over time.

Using Mexican paint ideas you can create a south-of-the-border feel in your home. Maybe you can’t go to Mexico to enjoy the vibrant colors in person, but you can enjoy a little bit of Mexico without traveling any further than your Mexican decorated room.

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