Mexican Style Houses

by THAT Painter Lady

Most people know that Mexican style houses include haciendas and some Southwestern designs. You may have visions of Spanish villas.

You can even find Mexican style ranch houses. These houses have many style elements in common.

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Mexican style houses are influenced by Native American and Spanish cultures.

The entry doors are often large wooden doors with wrought iron decorations. Some of these door decorations resemble the early Spanish wrought iron bosses created in the thirteenth century.

Quite often Mexican style houses can be picked out of a neighborhood by looking for adobe exteriors, arched doorways, and open-air porches. You may see flowing fountains in Spanish style courtyards or gardens.

When you enter a Mexican style house you will notice the continued use of stucco or adobe on the interior. The surface of the walls, however, is rough rather than smooth as it is in most other house styles. It would also be quite common to find talavera ceramic tiles in the kitchen and bathroom.

Expect to find bright colors used throughout the house. Magenta, orange, blue, yellow, and red are common colors used in Mexican homes.

mexico house interior
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While you may find some of these colors on the walls in various rooms of the house, quite often the explosive colors are used as accent colors on accessories.

Decorating a Mexican style home would require solid, sturdy wooden furniture that has been painted in the bright colors, particularly in the kitchen.

It is not uncommon for tables and chairs to be carved.

You may also find leather or unbleached canvas seats.

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Accessories you might find in a Mexican style home would be hollowed and painted gourds, terra cotta urns, rustic tin wall sconces and boxes, and religious art.

Baskets and earthenware pots are also popular accessories.

Mexican Style Window Treatment For Houses

Mexican Style CurtainsWhen searching for the best window treatments for this type of house, look for solid wooden shutters for the exterior.

Vivid stripes will be best for inside the house.

You may also look for accent fabrics with patterns that have a Moorish motif.

I’ve fallen in love with these Mexican Style Drapes. They are sheer and light weight.

The spice red color is perfect for Mexican Style Houses… They are actually a Moroccan print.

Spice Route Morrocan Print Curtain

The fabric is hand printed using intricately carved wooden blocks.

Spice Route Moroccan Tab Top Curtain

You may also want to look at fabrics with Aztec designs.

Mexican style houses can be found all over the United States.

You might expect to find them in the Southwest, so you may be surprised to find them almost everywhere.

Of course, now that you know what to look for, you’ll recognize a Mexican style house right off.

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All of the residences showcased in this book are enlivened by a natural blending of indoors and outdoors, a vibrant palette shaped by the sun-drenched surroundings, and an artful incorporation of the country’s celebrated crafts and handiwork.

Whether large or small, historical or contemporary, Mexican houses are artistic statements, expressing the unique and inimitable lifestyle of their creators.

Casa Mexicana Style is a welcoming invitation to bask in the beauty of these homes, to enjoy their charm and sophistication.

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