Old World Style Candles

by THAT Painter Lady

There is no light so restful and agreeable in quality to the eye as candle light and no light is kindlier to the appearance of a room. The radiance is mild and diffused, shadows are not cut sharp nor exaggerated, and the colors in furniture and decorations are blended. The volume of light can easily be regulated by the number of candles.

Using Old World Style Candles

Spanish Style CandleabraCandles as a means of lighting are perfectly practicable. Wax candles, of course, are desirable, but stearic acid candles and other substitutes for wax are satisfactory for general use and will not swell nor drip unduly unless exposed to a strong draft.

It is well to have a good broad glass bobeche for each candle. Any chance drippings can then be easily removed. As a rule, the use of shades on candles should be avoided. Shades are apt to be fussy and overdone.

Besides that and this is really the important thing a candle is, in itself, an object of grace and beauty, but its chaste and dignified simplicity of line is marred and hidden when its shaft is surmounted with a top heavy, frilly contrivance resembling an abbreviated ballet skirt.

The flame of the candle, too, is an essential part of its beauty ; when it is hidden we lose a decorative asset that contributes a desirable note of brilliancy. The gleam is not disagreeable to the eye if the candle is of the proper height and properly placed.

For the dinner table use tall candles, tall enough to keep the flame above the level of the eye.

Old World candleabrasFor the living-room or family-room, sconces will be at a sufficient height, and portable candles may be so placed on mantels, the tops of bookshelves, tables or cabinets, that the flames are comfortably above eye level.

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