Old World Style Kitchens And Old World Charm


Quite often older homes have a certain flair and old world feel regardless of the style of home. If your house is a mid-century Spanish style home, you may want to have an old world style kitchen to bring back the charm of years gone by. Here are some ideas of how you can create old world style kitchens even in modern homes.

Old world kitchens typically have large cooking hearths and distressed walls. Cabinets had raised panel doors but they may have seemed mismatched. You might also find cabinets that have cracked. The cabinets will have dish and cup racks. This style of kitchen may be traced back to the years prior to seventeenth century Europe.

Pewter or copper accents and mosaic tiles are also common in old world style kitchens. Expect to find deep, rich colors and panels that hide appliances. Stone walls and floors are also indicative of this style of kitchen.

Think about the details when you’re renovating a kitchen in the old world style. You obviously won’t want a small kitchen with modern, stainless steel appliances as the focal point. This doesn’t mean you can’t have the modern conveniences; you just don’t want them to be visible.

Tuscan delight

Natural surfaces are what you’re looking for. Wood and stone will be evident all over the kitchen. Wooden cabinets, elaborate wood trim, and even wooden paneled ceilings would help capture the old world style you’re looking for.

Don’t forget about stone surfaces to complete the look. Stone tiles and slabs can be used for the counter tops, walls, or floors. Granite and marble can be used for cabinet tops or the floor. You can either have polished surfaces or distressed for a time-worn appearance.

Metallic fixtures would be a great lighting choice in an old world style kitchen to finish off the look. Try to find wrought iron chandeliers or rustic tin wall sconces. These can be painted or left plain, but with a matte finish, so they appear to be antiques.

Remember that you’re trying to give the impression that your kitchen was moved over from the old world and put into your home. If you have actual antiques that you can place in your kitchen that would make the room seem more authentic.

If you have a hacienda or other Spanish influenced house, an old world style kitchen might be the perfect choice for your home. You may want to consider this style of kitchen if you are planning to remodel.

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