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Homeowners all over the country take time out of their busy schedules to redecorate or remodel their homes when they tire of how their home looks.  If you like the look of Spanish Style Décor, why not roll up your sleeves and create your dream décor.  Here’s a plan for Spanish style decorating.

Before you start redecorating or remodeling, set aside the money you’ll need for the work and new items.  If there is major work to be done, such as removing a wall or adding new cabinets, you’ll want to have a contractor do the work.  Plan for at least 15-20% more than what you think will be needed to cover unexpected budget problems.

Look through home decorating magazines and at television shows that illustrate Spanish style decorating.  This will give you inspiration as well as help you determine which items are absolutely necessary and those that can wait.

Create a board that will help pull things together and keep all of your ideas in one spot.  If you don’t think a board will do, save everything in a specific folder or three-ring binder.  Pick a color for the walls, what accent colors you will use, and which items you would like to use as accessories.

With the furniture you have, decide how you will arrange your furniture in keeping with Spanish styles.  What textures or patterns will you use to compliment the style?  Then make a plan of which work will be done first, next, and so on until the work is complete.

When you plan for Spanish style decorating, don’t be afraid to use rustic items in your plans.  Vibrant colors and various textures are common in Spanish decorating.  Red, orange, blue, and yellow are common elements of Spanish décor.

Spanish style decorating is casual and comfortable.  Don’t worry about buying anything formal unless planning a formal dining room.  Furniture should be comfortable and big enough for the entire family to enjoy.  Dark woods and leather are common design elements.

IMG_4492Wrought iron is considered very Spanish and using grille grates will give an authentic look to your rooms.  Terra cotta pottery is also common for this décor.

Don’t forget to include rustic tile flooring to finish out your Spanish look.  Hardwood floors are another element that you can use with this style.  You can soften the look of the room by adding Native American blankets and Spanish style rugs.

When you plan for Spanish style decorating, keep in mind the variety of colors, texture, and weight of the items of this style of décor.  Vibrant colors are juxtaposed against the black of wrought iron, but that’s just the way the Spanish like things.

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Haidee September 5, 2008 at 5:10 pm

Thanks for the article on Spanish style decorating. My husband and I have been remodeling our pretty blah home with a “Spanish” touch. Being a native Angeleno, this architectural style is in my blood, so to speak. The touches that really made it are the arched entryway and the rounded wall caps. Neither of these are extremely costly and both greatly add to create that Mexican/Spanish feel we love. In addition, we used the cobalt blue and Mexican-Style tiles in the bathroom. I would like to request more pictures to go along with the articles and also, when possible, locations of stores that carry items you mention (i.e. grille grates). Thanks for all the ideas!

Orange County, California

THAT Painter Lady September 9, 2008 at 3:51 am

Thanks for stopping by Haidee…

I try to fill most of my articles with pictures… sigh, sometimes I just don’t have time to get pictures uploaded.

I’ll try to do more!

And I will also look for locations that carry items I mention in these articles. I know it can be frustrating to find something specific… even on the internet.

We Spanish Style decorating types gotta stick together and help each other out!

debra 🙂

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