Spanish Style Bathroom Vanity – Part II

by THAT Painter Lady

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Mexican Style Bathroom Cabinets

Spanish Style Bathroom Vanity

First and perhaps the best indicator of the authenticity of it is the price.

Authentic antique vanity can go 10 times more expensive as its antique-design counterpart, or even more. And just like a good pair of jeans, it looks better through the years.

Antique pieces are often made from mahogany, cherry and oak, types of hardwood that are known to last a lifetime, even more if it is treated properly with wood sealant. A good crafted one will not suffer any water damage.

Anitique Bathroom VanityAntique-design vanity on the other hand is relatively cheaper than its authentic counterpart but is still quite expensive. The price of a single piece can go from $400 to $2,000 depending on its size, design, and type of wood used.

Antique Design Vanity

While it is not authentic antique, it is designed and crafted to appear very old and to reflect the age gone by using the same type of wood from which authentic vanities are made from.One of the advantages for choosing this type is that you can get it brand new. Meaning, they have the look of all the antique beauty and elaborate designs, but without the wear and tear.

Also, your options are almost endless if you choose to buy brand new pieces without spending a lot of money.

Whether you buy an authentic or an imitation antique vanity, there are things that you have to make sure of. First, buy from a reputable manufacturer or antique store. Second, check the warranties that the company offers whether you buy it online or at your local antique or furniture store. And last, choose a vanity you really like.

Wroght Iron Coat HookOh… and before I forget, I use coat hooks instead of towel bars in my bathrooms. The towels always get hung up, and they dry out better than if hung on towel bars.

I found these… Amish made, but look so rustic they will work perfectly in our Spanish Hacienda style bath.

Wrought Iron Coat Hook Hand Made

Pink Depression Glass June 4, 2008 at 6:46 pm

Thanks for the nice review. I’ve been looking to redo my bathroom and wanted to stick with antique theme to match that of the rest of my home. The coat hooks are a nice touch

Clothing Hangers April 15, 2009 at 1:38 pm

It looks very authentic and if the price is much better then the authentic version then why not go for the cheaper version.

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