Spanish Style Homes That Continue To Please


Stucco wall surfaces, arched doors and windows, and terra cotta tiled roofs are some of the elements of Spanish style homes that continue to please homeowners of this popular style house. Other elements that appeal to these homeowners are the low-pitched roof and wrought iron fences.

Spanish Style Homes

Spanish style homes in the United States found their beginning in 1920s California. Travelers who had visited southern Spain fell in love with the various architectural elements and adapted them to homes in that area. Not only were the exteriors mimicked, but so were the interior elements that make the Spanish style home one that continues to please.

Wrought iron was often used for exteriors, but the Spanish style house used it on the inside. Banisters, grilles over windows, and balcony railings were common in this style of home. This art form was also used to create furniture frames and even wall sconces for candles or electrical lighting.

What else would you expect to find in a Spanish style house? Heavy carved wooden doors were common, as was the use of wood and leather for furniture. You would also expect to see intricate inlay work, detailed carving, and painting on furniture.

It wasn’t uncommon to see tiling used in many areas besides the floors of the kitchen and bathroom. Tiles could be found on furniture as well as around fireplaces, as borders around arches inside the home, and as decorations on stairs.

Many people feel that the Spanish style house is only surpassed in popularity by the Craftsman house, particularly in some areas of the country. Part of the reason for this popularity may be due to Hollywood of the early 1900s. It is definitely due to the movie’s influence that the style spread from California to other parts of the country.

The Spanish style house is similar to ranch style homes and many people think the ranch grew out of the Spanish or at least were greatly influenced by this architectural style. With their low-pitched roofs, asymmetrical shape, and hipped roof, it’s no wonder the Spanish style house is considered a forerunner of the ranch.

Old Hollywood Home.This style of home, with its stucco walls and cool interior, is best-suited for warmer climates. However, it’s not unusual to find the Spanish style house in the western United States and in Florida.

Spanish style homes that continue to please their homeowners will likely do just that for years to come. With so much architectural style, it’s no wonder this house remains popular. Don’t be surprised if this style of house remains one of the most sought after and widely recognized of them all.

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