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Hacienda Home Style – The Hacienda influence on your decorating style.

Their is a group of individuals, who are striving to salvage the architectural wonders of Old Mexico and preserve them through use in their own homes and business.

Others would love to include the antique architectural elements in their homes… but either don’t know where to find them, or can’t afford to purchase them. Others may only want to capture the “look” of antiques while keeping the modern aspects of their treasures.

All situations are a problem you have that Hacienda Home Style is continuing to resolve.  We search out resources and professionals in furniture, accessories, and outdoor treasures and showcase them on this website.

Spanish and Rancho style go hand in hand with Hacienda style… so mixing and matching is great and will allow you to develop your own unique style.

Debra Conrad is the author and contributor of this website.  Find out all about Debra –  and why she loves Hacienda Style.

Living within a stones throw of the Mexican border… the Mexico Rancho style has always had an influence on my decorating style.  I live in a traditional ranch style home in a basic American subdivision.  But….I wanted to live in a Hacienda Style Home and and recreating that style … bit by bit in my home.

Different than every other house within miles… this home now has a large hacienda style patio, rich rojo (red) Mexican tile throughout the home, and rustic wood beams on the ceilings.

Follow the path of Debra Conrad to recreate the Hacienda Spanish Style in your own home.  Debra will share all her amazing resources and budget creations on these pages.

My “real” name is Debra Conrad –  I’ve was a painter for years… not a fine art painter – Nope – I painted walls (and other stuff) in homes. Lot’s of homes.

Debra Pic and SignatureI painted kids rooms – bathrooms – dining rooms – kitchens – outside walls and ceilings. You name it – I’ve probably painted it at least once.

This is my best friend (also called husband) Ryan. We are finished raising our two boys. They are both adults and out in the world.

We – Hubby and I – spend loads of time together… and yes, we like to spend time together. Anyway – we spend time talking about – dreaming about – or actually working on our home.

When we aren’t working at our business – or working around the house… we are usually traveling.

We live very close to Mexico – and travel across the border often. Sometimes just for a quick lunch or a bit of shopping… and sometimes we go for a week or 10 days.

It’s no wonder I love the Southwest – Spanish and Hacienda decorating style.

I’ve also been drawn to Italian decorating (I can’t remember when I didn’t want to visit Italy)… I love the Tuscan style. I think I learned more about Tuscan decorating from the movie – Under The Tuscan Sun – than any book.


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