Architecture From Albuquerque New Mexico

by THAT Painter Lady

We took a trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico last year and I snapped a few photos of interesting architecture around the old part of town.

I’m always interested in two story homes with red tile roofs.  I don’t see many of these in my area – so they attract my attention.  And… I am always looking for interesting chimney’s and chimney caps.

This looks like an old 1970’s style home… I envision a sunken living room and shag carpet! The iron security gate inside the arch was what caught my attention. I’m in the process of designing one for my own home… so I’m always looking for ideas.

Yes – the sky is really THAT blue in New Mexico. We call it Taos Blue in my house. You will see this color of blue used as an accent color on a lot of New Mexico homes. This home used it for the awning over the window.

I don’t have this style of home – It’s the Pueblo style and mine is very much a ranch style. I took this picture for the yard. I want to get rid of the grass in my front yard and go “desert” – BUT – I don’t want anything that doesn’t look natural. This one has some natural elements’ that I would like to incorporate into my own landscape.

This is more of a traditional style of New Mexico home. The screen porch caught my eye… arches and screens don’t usually play well together.

I’ve added this to my “nice wood gate” file. It’s a bit toooo over the top for me… I like gates that are a bit rustic (not old like mine are now). Rustic and Old are just two different things in my book.

The carved rising sun has just been “over done” – and the gate handles are too skimpy. But overall this is a nice looking gate.

Another Taos Style Home – Two Story with a walled enclosed courtyard. This home has the look of age and history without looking run-down.

Enclosed or Walled Courtyards always catch my attention. I’m still trying to figure out a way to build one without going too big… and annoying the neighbors. 😉

Metal Roofs Are Popular In New Mexico

This new color combinations of dark walls and light trim has also caught on in my area of Arizona. I think it will be a short lived fad and cause the homes to look dated quickly.

When we were choosing roofing material to re-roof our home… my hubby wanted a metal roof like this one in the worst way. I held firm on my desire for a red tile roof and of course I won!

If you are going to have a Hacienda or Spanish Style Home – Go Red Tile with the roof… don’t get creative with something so expensive.



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