Bathroom Mexican Style

by THAT Painter Lady

Mexican Tile BathroomIn Mexican style homes, you expect to see a Mexican style bathroom. Quite often, however, the bathroom is not decorated at all. It is a blank slate waiting for the artist’s brush to splash color on its walls. This color helps to define a bathroom Mexican style.

240 Mexican 4″x 4″ Mosaic Tile Mix

The easiest way to begin to decorate the bathroom of a Mexican style house is to paint the walls a bold, bright color. Take a chance on a favorite color you never thought you could have used. The room is small enough that you could probably repaint it in a weekend, and that includes time for two coats of paint to dry. If the color is too bold, try a faux finish to tone it down a bit. You may want to paint the baseboards a contrasting color to give it some pop!

What do you do if you’re not ready to paint your walls? You can still add a Mexican feel to your bathroom by purchasing colorful towels in red, blue, yellow, red, or orange. Try to find a bath rug and curtains that incorporate the colors of your towels to tie the look together.

The Mexican bathroom floor normally is a glazed Mexican tiles, again in a bold color like terra cotta or cobalt blue. Many bathrooms in Mexican style houses use Saltillo tiles and create a tile rug. You would never use carpeting in the bathroom, but you may use an area rug as a bath mat.

Vanity Light Nutmeg

Although it might seem out of place, wrought iron is often common in the bathroom. Mexican style wrought iron vanities create weight in the room and give you an opportunity to use wrought iron elements in other ways in the bathroom.

  • A mirror framed in wrought iron would look great
  • Use wrought iron for the pull backs for the curtains.

Remember to use a design element in more than one way to get the most benefit.

Minka Lavery Artios Pendant Light

If you are looking for a look that fits in with a more Italian Theme… this Minka Lavery Artois Pendant light might be just the ticket.

For lighting in the bathroom, A Mexican style wrought iron chandelier would tie the look together. You can also go back to the rustic style that would match the bathroom fixtures.

Bathroom Mexican StyleEmily Dual Pillar Wall Sconce

Install a dimmer light and place pillar candles around the bathtub so you can relax in the bathtub.

Be careful to change out all bathroom fixtures if you change out any of them. You want to maintain a sense of consistency. Having a shiny silver faucet on the bathtub would look odd if your sink fixtures were changed to a dark, rustic style.

Your bathroom, Mexican style, may be the last room you need to conquer before you home is decorated just the way you want it. If you haven’t taken the time to decorate your bathroom, what are you waiting for? The effort will definitely be worth it!

Jan August 26, 2008 at 10:22 am

Pictures of mexican bathrooms would be very helpful.

a href="">Small Bathroom Ideas September 13, 2009 at 2:34 pm

A Mexican style bath is great for a powder room if you want to add some dash to home that varies from your usual decorating style. And, of course, it is the logical choice if your whole home is decorated in Hacienda Style.
A friend has used this style in her small 2nd bath. She used the very brightly colored tiles as pictured above as accents around the vanity top, and mounted a small brightly colored rug behind a wall shelving unit that was originally backless.
These elements in addition to others have made her bath an interesting and very cheerful place for guests.

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