Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

by THAT Painter Lady

I am always looking for bathroom remodeling ideas. I have helped out many clients with their projects… and designed a few for my own home.

Just because I am THAT Painter Lady… doesn't mean I don't have a few remodeling tricks up my sleeve.

Of course… paint will perk up any room. Adding a new fashionable color of paint will make your bathroom seem updated even if it's the same old cabinets and tile.

If your cabinets are wood toned… adding a shade of sage green will make the cabinets look more golden and the room feel fresher. If your fixtures are all white… the green will give the room a spa like feeling.

When we (you and I) decide to take on the job of remodeling our home there usually is a lot of decisions that go into the planning and construction side of a bathroom remodel. Whether you are thinking about the Master Bedroom bathroom or the family bathroom there are a many interesting ways you can make the value of the space go up… always thinking of resale value.

Their are two things you must consider when planning the budget for a bathroom remodel.

  • Don't spend the farm… if your going to be selling in the near future. Yes… bathrooms and kitchens are what sell a home, but adding all the extra luxuries may not help you sell the house… and you probably won't recoup the costs.
  • It really isn't necessary to do major remodeling in order to update a bathroom.

Think Day Spa!

Adding a Jacuzzi style tub to your bathroom adds a selling feature most women will love… and you will have some luxurious baths yourself. Your going to need them when all the work is done. But… when you plan to add a spa style tub to a bathroom you must plan in greater detail the entire bathroom floor plan. In order to actually add a Jacuzzi to your bathroom you will first need to make sure the space is big enough. Most of us find that we have too small of a bathroom and we start thinking of ways to enlarge the space.

This is what is happening in our Master Bath remodel. The only room we had to expand into was the walk in closet… which is great, until I need to hang up some clothes. So where to put the walk in closet now? Well, we are going to take out the French doors that lead to our large patio and build a wall in closet just outside that door opening. Because we have expanded our patio already… and a walk in closet isn't that big… no one will notice the small amount of space gone from the patio. And as a bonus… the roof and cement pad is already their… very inexpensive addition to our master bedroom.

Not Ready for a Major Bathroom Remodel?

So adding a Spa Tub is maybe a bit too extravagant for you. What can you do to ad a few luxury features to an already nice bathroom. How about an electric towel heater? This little luxury could add a bit of value to your home and it's an easy install for the DIY person in your home.

Did you know you can add additional cabinetry to your bathroom… without a carpenter? Shop online for some great deals at home stores. Often, you will find an extra cabinet that just fits into an unused space… adding extra storage, which we all need!

You can also find great cabinets that actually fit into the wall. Like a built in medicine cabinet… but large and they look like cabinets. When you open the door… their are a large amount of shelves, just deep enough for hair spray, shampoo bottles, lotion, shaving cream, toothpaste, and makeup… think about the possibilities!!!

Still looking for more bathroom ideas?

Another small thing you can do to update a bathroom is replace the toilet. An old toilet that is chipped, dated in color or stained so badly that it impossible to clean is something that is screaming to be replaced.

Placing a small TV or TV/DVD combination may not seem like an improvement… but you will be surprised at how nice it is to have it available. And if you install that Spa Tub… think about sitting in your tub, surrounded by warm bubbles and watching your favorite movie… by yourself!

Ah… I though I would get your attention with that easy bathroom remodeling idea!

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