Spanish Terms For Ceiling Decorations


Of ceiling-makers and ceilings prior to the Reconquest few written notes are to be found. We know that the Moors were proud of their gilded ceiling at Cordova, for they likened it, when sparkling above the thousand lamps of the mosque, to “the kindled flame or the lightning flash that darts across the heavens.” If […]

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Old Spanish Style Decorated Wooden Ceilings

painted decorative Spanish ceilings

Old decorated wooden ceilings are abundant in Spain. They are called artesona- dos, and are of remote origin. Prudencio, the Spanish Roman, writing late in the fourth century, describes the “gilded ceiling with painted coffers” which covered the basilica of Saint Eulalia in Merida; and Saint Isidore of Seville, the Visigoth, writing in the seventh, […]

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How to Refinish Hardwood Floors

how to refinish hardwood floors

The Guide to Easy Wood Floor Care and Maintenance: A Complete Owners Manual for Hardwood Floors Several homes, especially centrally located homes, have hardwood flooring. A pristine hardwood floor is beautiful, but to restore one back to its original 60 year old elegance, the floor will need to be refinished. For more information refer to […]

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Pictures of Spanish Hacienda Style Home

I found these pictures and just had to share. It looks like a 1930’s Spanish Style bungalow. I am especially fond of the Spanish Style bathroom, with floor to ceiling tile. And that Hacienda Style Kitchen… to die for!!! clipped from      

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Spanish Style Homes History

Spanish Style Homes

Spanish Style Homes have a unique history… their style is in fact so unique that I wondered… "where does this style evolve from"? The Spanish Style Home, with its two-foot thick walls, its iron grated windows and its secluded garden patio flanked by cloistered corridors…  Is what I consider the Spanish Style. photo credit: puroticorico […]

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Dramatic Staircase In Spanish Style Home

Spanish Style Homes are often of the 2 story variety… and the stair case is located in the formal entry of the house. Using wood for the banister is the usual choice… even in hacienda style homes. But… iron railings were popular in the 1029\'s and are still popular today. They may be more difficult […]

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Paint A Door To Look Like Rustic Wood From A Spanish Style Homes

Faux Wood Grain Painting On Doors

Paint Finishes That Look Like Wood. Spanish style homes need great old rustic wood doors. Spanish style doors will start the experience of your hacienda style home on the right foot. “Where did you find that door?” This is a question asked over and over, by visitors to the home of one of my clients. […]

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