What Is A Spanish Style Chair

My love for the Spanish Style is never ending… I do love to mix my styles with a bit of old Italy, but generally I’m a Spanish Hacienda Style Girl. I’ve always loved the look of Spanish style chairs and would love to add them to my dining room table. I have the typical “Old […]

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Old Spanish Furniture

Traditional Mexican Style Interiors

Old Spanish furniture has three outstanding qualities—-dignified, concentrated interest (ornate or simple) and useful. When a piece of furniture is beautiful in it’s own right – whether it’s simple or ornate in design – it will hold it’s own in any room. Traditional Mexican Style Interiors (Schiffer Design Book) It appears to be harmonious against […]

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Think Of Comfort Before Purchasing Antique Furniture

BATH, ENGLAND - JULY 14:  Terry Brotheridge, o...

Our Modern Habit of Being Comfortable Makes the Exclusive Use of Old Furniture In Our Houses an Impossibility Image by Getty Images via Daylife Manners, speech, the habits of daily life change con- tinually from age to age. The history of taste is a history of incessant and generally quite unreasonable fluctuation. The world has […]

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How To Arrange Furniture – 4 Great Tips

How To Arrange Furniture

Your room is a disaster… it just doesn’t seem to function the way the room is arranged. Does this sound familiar? By following a few easy tips you can learn How To Arrange Furniture so your room functions well and looks fresh and new. If you get bored with the look of your rooms, don’t […]

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Mexican Style Cabinet Pulls

Mexican style cabinet pulls play a double role; they are both utilitarian and decorative. They are the indispensable hardware of furniture and cabinets. At the same time, they are what might fitly be called its jewelry. Spanish Style 3-Inch Pull, Rustic Bronze Whether they be considered n their utilitarian or in their purely decorative capacity, […]

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Spanish Style Décor For Every Home

Spanish Style Decor

Even if you don’t live in a Spanish style house, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate elements in your home. In fact, it’s possible to use Spanish style décor for every home and architectural style. Spanish style décor is characterized by handcrafted wooden and leather furniture, wrought iron accessories, and bright colors. You don’t have […]

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Mexican Country Furniture Gives Old World Charm

Villa y Zapata Bar and entry to second dining room

If you’ve eaten Mexican food lately, you’ve probably seen how the Mexican country furniture gives old world charm to the restaurant.  What is Mexican country furniture and how can you incorporate it into your home? Authentic Mexican furniture is made from solid wood and often has iron drawer pulls or hinges.  Quite often they are […]

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Spanish Style Chair with a Twist

Don't you just love it when you see a really cool project – I mean a great Trash to Treasure type project? Decorating in Spanish Hacienda Style doesn't mean everything has to be serious.    This instructions for this cool chair are at: Painting a Spanish Style Chair  clipped from  

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