Portal Patio

Hacienda Architectural Style Courtyard

Spanish Style Courtyard

Terrific heat, a burnt and barren landscape, and insects make it impossible to enjoy nature out-of-doors in most parts of Spain. So the Spaniards try to bring nature inside the house. This they do by means of the hacienda architectural style courtyard, the little rectangular patio or garden that forms the center of the home. […]

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Design and Decorate a Spanish Eclectic Style Courtyard

Decorate Spanish Courtyard

What is Spanish Eclectic Style? I went on a search for just that term… I found that it is a blend of Spanish Revival and Mediterranean architecture, popular from 1915 – 1940. Picture stepping through a stucco archway and lingering in the tiled courtyard, and you might think you were in Old Mexico. Spanish inspired […]

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