Church and Spanish Hacienda Style Candles Decorating

by THAT Painter Lady

Rustic Candles for Spanish Decorating

Illuminations Candles


Church or Cathedral style candles are very hard to find at a reasonable price.  And if you do find pillar candles you like, they are often scented.

If you are decorating your Spanish Style home with candles, you will be using many of them at once. This adds to the drama. 

Thus… the reason I don't recommend scented candles for decorating. 


These rustic style candles are perfect and the thin/tall pillar style is a real find! Using these in a rustic metal candelabra or sconce is right up the Spanish Style alley. 

The white would be perfect against a dark background color, such as cobalt blue walls.  But the Honey Colored Rustic Pillars are my personal favorite.  I use a lot of rustic reds and terracotta colors in my Hacienda Style Home… so these are perfect! 

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