Decorating the Hacienda with Candles

by THAT Painter Lady

The hacienda's decorative accents are a mix of handmade elements and European imports.  Regardless of the size of your casa… candles should always be a fixture.

Courtyards and gardens can be the site of an altar style table enveloped by flowering vines.  These tables are usually set with patron Santos, candlesticks and candelabras found in every shape and size.

The hacienda style home has countless locations to display candles.  From patios with fountains and pools to reflect the light… to simple carved stone vessels or lanterns.   

Dining in the cool summer evenings requires lighting.  Haciendas should be lit with candles as well as low wattage lights.  You remember how candlelight makes everything special… and all complexions look gorgeous.  Shouldn't you have dinner by candlelight… every night?

This beautiful candelabra reminds me of stained glass windows.  Just perfect with sunlight filtering through the colored glass… and spectacular in the evening.

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