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by THAT Painter Lady

In our continuation to of the exploration of Colonial Spanish Style the exterior details are covered.  The homes may have included balconies and courtyards of the most typical Spanish style homes, but the American version has some other specific architectural details that should be present. 


Spanish Awning

Canvas Awnings: May have been striped or solid in color. The frame work may have been the traditional aluminum retractable style… but more traditionally an iron frame work with spear style finals would have been used.

Small Porches: Usually just big enough to land and get out the rain. Not typically enough room for furniture on homes with a small porch style.

This home has a small porch and awnings but it is not typical of the Revival style so traditionally associated with Southern California. 

A better depiction of Spanish Colonial Style would be this picture:


Colonial Spanish Style

Low slung tiled roof and arched colonnade are typical in the Spanish Colonial architecture. The awning is rather large by typical in style. A small porch is evident. The use of smooth plaster walls and iron work balconies is also evidence of the era. 

Example Spanish Colonial Revival House Evidenced in this photograph are the characteristics of Spanish Colonial Revival Style.

Small square footage impart a modest, comfortable appearance.

The small porch at the entrance is typical as well as the use of smooth plater walls and low slung tiled roof line.

Notice the sculptural elements in the walls over the door and windows. Also the "bell tower" has a bit of architectural detail sculpted into the plaster.  

Wrought iron railings and a bit of iron window decoration all give evidence of the true style. A French Door in the front balcony may be a bit out of character as the doors usually faced inwards towards a courtyard. 

What's missing? Arches.  The design without any arched structural elements gives way to a bit of the Art Deco period.

Next, we investigate the interior design of Colonial Spanish Style. 


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