Hacienda Decoration With Mirrors

by THAT Painter Lady

Traditionally a mirror in Spanish Style Decorating would be framed in wood or metal.  Using mirrors in design isn't anything new in the subject of Hacienda decoration. The use of mirrors in Hacienda style decorating can be used to add architectural interest, color and light reflection to a room.

During the Spanish rule of Mexico, silver was forbidden for use in frivolous decorated items. Tin frames created by artisans are a less expensive version of the original work in silver. The local artists took up tin work using the same techniques they had formerly used in silver. 

Using mirrors with unexpected materials as frames is one way to add color and interest to what can be a lifeless room.  Splashes of color reflecting your artistic style without deviating to far from the hacienda style you are striving for is the best of both worlds. 

Choosing mirrors with an arched styling also adds some architectural interest. If you can't add actual arches in a room, think about adding art and mirrors with an arched outline to give the impression of arches.

Place mirrors with the reflection in mind.  Actually look at what your mirror is reflecting.  If you see the ceiling or a black wall… think about moving it to a location that reflects a window with a view or another piece of art.

Placing a mirror between two  windows will add depth to a room.  The eye travels into the mirror and perceives it as space. We could all use a little more space in our rooms. 🙂

Imagine this mirror placed between two windows with dramatic heavy drapes tied back on either window.  How gorgeous is this hand made mosaic style mirror frame? 

Remember… adding a bit of color around a bland Spanish or Hacienda room will had a ton of decoration appeal. 

Hacienda Decorating with MirrorsHand-fabricated mosaic framed mirror. Each is unique and does vary slightly.


Spanish Style Mirror









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