Hacienda Spanish Style Homes Bathroom Mirror

by THAT Painter Lady

If you have visited this site very often… you know that I am in the process of designing a new master bathroom for my Hacienda Spanish Style Homes. This week I have been searching for a Spanish style bathroom mirror. 

The process if often tedious and fruitless… and of course the search has to be online. Even though I live about 25 miles from the Mexico border… finding anything that remotely resembles Spanish Hacienda style… is a lost cause. So, online I go.

I think I have found the mirror that will be perfect. In fact… I will need two of them. The hacienda style requires that the bathroom have more of a furniture style, rather than a "bathroom cabinet" style. Nothing should look "built in". The ideas is that bathrooms were not originally  built in hacienda or Spanish style homes. They were an afterthought… and often just had furniture thrown in to hold sundries and a bathtub. It they lady of the house was lucky… she got something more upscale from a chamber pot.

So… in keeping with this idea, the mirror must look more like a dresser mirror than a bathroom mirror. Of course, I could look for an antique… but I need two that match. New that looks old will be just fine.   

Any mirror with an arched top is first on the list. Arches are very Spanish in style… and the graceful curve is always soothing to the eye. But… since I want it to appear as though it came off a dresser top… I also want the mirror to have some squared of edges.

The wood must be dark and carved of course… no cheap metal or tiled frames will do.

What did I find? Well the one I am considering at this time is:

Hacienda Spanish Style Homes Bathroom Mirror

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All the bases are covered with this pair of Hacienda Spanish Style Homes Bathroom Mirror.

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Jan April 27, 2008 at 9:55 am


I am also renovating my Powder Room in old hacienda style and have researched this style for the last few months. I have decided to use a tall, arched 72″ mirror with distressed shutters that open and close. The shutters are also split with a pair on the upper half and the other on the bottom. They are painted black, but distressed in certain areas to make them look very old.

Scottsdale, Arizona

towel rails July 9, 2009 at 3:54 am

ahhhh cant believe i cant see the pictures! gutted

hope it is exactly what you were looking for

jen x

Newport Realty November 1, 2009 at 10:03 pm

I am regular visitor of you website. I find that mirror you have searched is quite suitable for your bathroom. This mirror is not only looks like a dresser mirror but also a very eye-catching mirror. It will make your bathroom more beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

THAT Painter Lady November 3, 2009 at 11:20 am

Thanks so much! DEBRA

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