Hacienda Spanish Style Homes

by THAT Painter Lady

Hacienda Spanish Style Homes are rich in traditional elements and resplendent in color. These elements can be replicated in a Southwest home and garden.

Typically a Spanish style home is located behind high garden walls with outdoor living areas… reflecting Mexico's vibrant culture. Bright colored walls, lots of stone and brick on walls and floors and plant filled courtyards dominate the outdoor living spaces. 

Spanish Hacienda Style HomeThe homes and gardens of Mexico are like a canvas for unique artistic works made by the locals. Many of these handmade objects are formed using ancient techniques… handed down for generations… to create designs that mix with both traditional hacienda style and modern Spanish style homes.

Traditional two story structures usually have high ceilings and rough hewn beams. Stone floors were often used in these fine old homes… as well as the hand made terra cotta tiles. Some of the more wealthy families had fresco's painted by local artists. The walls were often a reddish hue that was most likely whitewashed many times.


decorating with crossesHandcrafted religious pieces, such as angels and crosses adorned many doorways and walls. The recessed shell design niches are a traditional Colonial design element.

Stones embedded in a cement walkway can produce a cobblestone effect… which was very popular in old Haciendas.

Doors are mostly weathered and accented with clavos (large decorative nail heads ) and almost always had a large ornate door knocker or grate covered speakeasy door.  


Tile MuralsMosaic's and colorful tile are used throughout the homes and gardens. The  cocinas (kitchens) were often covered entirely with tile… floor to ceiling as well as the counters. 




Tile FloorFew surfaces would be found without this embelishment… including door frames, flooring, sink surrounds and hand painted tile murals. Bathroom sinks hand painted in the Talavera style are still a classic style feature in many Mexican homes.

The four traditional colors of the Mexican hacienda are… red, yellow, blue and white. These colors mixed with vibrant tile and rustic antiques will have you living in a Hacienda Spanish Style Home.

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