Hacienda Style Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

by THAT Painter Lady

I am taking the first steps towards remodeling the master bathroom in my home. This house is slowly transitioning into a Hacienda Style Home… It’s a money thing as well as a whole house upheaval thing.

Hacienda Style BathroomThe house is a not-so-new 4 bed/2bath ranch style home.

But it has “Good Bones”- which means that it came with some things I could work with.

All the windows on the front of the house are arched as is the arches over the walkway to our front door.

Their are several arched doorways and an arched fireplace in our home as well.

That pretty much is where the Hacienda style stopped.

I don’t want to make this story too long… so of course I will put up articles of my ideas and decisions along the way.

I hope to have a finished product to show… hmmm, this year. 🙂

The inspiration picture at the top of the page is probably my final choice.  I am not interested in the busy red marble used for the bath surround or the counter top.

I think the vanity is gorgeous and the floor is unbelievably gorgeous. I don’t want a combination bath/shower… so no shower curtain is needed.

If I just had to have a vanity like this one… I would need an antique side board to revamp – or at least something that looks like an antique side board for a Mexican Style Vanity.

Saltillo Tile InstalledAlmost all of my home is tiled with Mexican saltillo tile except the bedrooms.

Saltillo tile can be very peachy or orange in color, but we requested the Rojo’ (red) color, which is a very burnt orange.

The main accent color in our home is burnt red.  Not tomato red or fire engine red, but a very dark rusty brick color red.

At least that is what I was hoping for. I did stray into some cranberry and tomato reds in a variety of ways, because all the burnt colors were becoming lifeless.

Because the entire house uses the same main accent color… it makes it very easy to move accessories and furnishings from room to room.

The smaller bath in our home has already been remodeled.  (Broken pipes seemed to be as good a reason as any for me to tear it up and redo!) The floor in that bath is the same Mexican tile as the rest of the house, but the rest is beige. I mean beige everywhere.

You know how something can be just too neutral?

Hacienda style bathroom

Do you just love this bathroom? I found it on HGTV.com and love the colors.

I’m not so hot for the candelabra vanity lighting without shades… to much glare.

Bathroom faucet in old bronzeI have the same faucets pictured in this bathroom in my guest bathroom – pain in the behind.

The three separate fixtures  are harder to keep clean than an all in one faucet.

I like the lever style handles that I can turn on and off with my wrist when my hands are soapy.

You can find Faucet, Oil Rubbed Bronze at Amazon.com

Mexican Style Bathroom Vanity Lighting

My idea for the perfect Hacienda Style Bathroom lighting would be to find vintage wall candelabras. I’ve done that in the guest bath… and it’s a pain in the butt.

Mexican Wall Sconce BathroomFirst you need to find two matching light fixtures. Then you have to clean them up so they still look vintage… but not fall off the wall old.

Oh – and you will need to have them rewired, I would never trust any wiring that isn’t brand new.

Plus – you have to find shades that will work… the old lights weren’t designed to hold the modern shades. (Take my word on this… it’s almost impossible).

Are these Vintage Bathroom Light Fixtures heavenly? They are brand new – they only look vintage.

Candelabra Wall Sconce

They are not cheap… but neither is the real antique version after you get done with all the headaches.

Mexican Candelabra Shade

I couldn’t resist showing you these candelabra shades. They look like ostrich skin! The amber glow is what I love and the texture is so different.

Plus – they are cheap! Like 10 bucks! You can’t go wrong… I’m just saying.

Candelabra Shade

The bathroom will be enlarged, but I know it is very expensive to bump out walls, so I am going to try to bump into the closet, and enlarge the closet into the bedroom.

Drawing floor plans was getting tedious, and I was running out of erasers.

Those little books with the cutouts that you can move around on a graph are a pain, and I kept loosing the little pieces.

I  found a solution… and it is free! It’s at the Better Homes and Garden website and if you register you can save all your plans.  It is so easy to use and so far I have 12 different ideas saved in my plans area.  Arrange-a-room

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