Hacienda Style Using Dark Wood When You Don’t Have The Furniture

by THAT Painter Lady

dark wood decorating styleDecorating Hacienda Style or Spanish Style requires some thought.

One of the first things you must be aware of is that Hacienda homes don’t have Light Colored Wood.  You will find when exploring Spanish Home decorating that wood is a huge part of the design or decorating scheme.

Southwest Style : A Home-Lover’s Guide to Architecture and Design

You should look for furniture, architecture and accessories in your research and notice and notice that the lamp bases, chairs and stair railings will be a dark wood or dark stained wood.

The idea of having to change everything in your home to new so that it will reflect the theme you have chosen may be overwhelming.   Hacienda Decorating does not require that you spend a small fortune on new furniture and accessories.

Take a close look at everything you own and see if you might just be able to add a touch of stain to bring them in line with the Hacienda Style of decorating.

In thesStaris in Iron and Pine Staine photos, don’t you notice how much richer and more in line with the Spanish style they seem?

This project might take some time and effort, but not a lot of cash… so worth the results.

It’s an easy learning curve with Faux Wood Grain Stair Railing

Stair Railing in a Dark Stain

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