Interior Decoration Mexican Style

by THAT Painter Lady

Okay… you caught me. This mural isn't really Interior Decoration Mexican Style... It's more Tuscan style. But… it could be used with a bit of creative juices into a view from a Mexican Hacienda instead of a Venice Water view. 

I love old hacienda Spanish style… and I am decorating my home in that style. This mural is similar to one I have in my bathroom except it's a Mexican Hacienda courtyard view.

Take a look at these photos and get your creative juices going.

Spanish Style Home Courtyard

These pictures sent to me by Teresa Heinz:

Interior Decoration Mexican Style

Mexican Style Homes

Hacienda Style Mural

Spanish Style Home Mural

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Peggy May 24, 2008 at 3:15 pm

Excuse me – mural is of Venice!

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