Lydia Garcia – New Mexico Folk Artist Santera- Religoius Art

by THAT Painter Lady

Lydia Garcia is a life-long Taos, New Mexico resident and her art reflects the remote Northern New Mexico rural atmosphere she lives in.

Lydia Garcia AngelSteeped in the Hispanic traditions of art, culture and religion, Lydia's art reflects the passion and depth of her cultural heritage. Her work is about the Catholic tradition influenced by the early priests traveling into this nearly untouched Northern regions of New Mexico.

 One Angel – Prayer – I Come:  I come to love, help you in everything.

 Using a variety of materials this santera (an artisan who creates santos) finds acrylic craft paints particularly suited for the wonderful color combinations she needs to create her unusual art.

Lydia Garcia Five AngelsShe believes that life should include prayer, as well as humor and art.  Garcia signs her finished art pieces on the back and adds a short prayer.

Five Angels and St. Francis – Prayer –

Dear Lord, I'm "greatful" for your life giving promises. Amen 

O God, I want to begin this day you have given to me in worship and dependence on your. Amen 

 Lydia Garcia Three Angels

Lydia continues to paint and sculpt in the same pueblo home where she worked alongside her father. With art reflecting her cultural heritage Lydia Garcia continues to create for herself and the spirit within.

 Three Angels – Prayer –

God's Love: God Love is alway's with us, His Angels take care of us. We are never alone. 



Because she is completely self-taught, she never learned what would be "wrong" in art. She is free to create without preconceived artistic restraints. She feels no barrier in her work.  The viewer is given the opportunity to feel the emotions and know the history of this artist.

Lydia Garcia Four AngelsLydia Garcia is one of the foremost artists working in Hispanic art traditions today. 

 Four Angels – Prayer –   Dreams

I dream of pink churches in "Hevan". Angels dancing. My Mama and my Daddy Praying. No fears, no Tears. Dreams. Mama and Daddy I will Look for you, till I find you. 


San Pascual


San Pasquale –  Prayer –

Blessed San "Pascual" help me. I want to make some red chile for my "husbun", today. Yes, we just married. Amen

Be happy when you cook







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shhirley Mccormick November 15, 2011 at 2:11 pm

I was fortuate to be in Taos N.M about 10 years ago, taking art at the Sagebrush Inn. Someone new Lydia and took us to her home. It was such a delight and so was she. I purchased one of her pieces and wish I could purchase a few more, but can’t find on-line where to order. I love her work and had never had the priviledge of visiting an puelblo home.

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