Spanish Style Exterior Design

Spanish Colonial House

Many exteriors may be given added interest by even slight departures in detail from the commonplace. Interesting effects have been obtained in brick and stucco houses by the use of molded bricks for such details as the divisions between windows (mullions), or for window-sills and other horizontal courses. Molded terra-cotta, also, either unglazed or with […]

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Spanish Style Houses

Spanish Governors Palace, San Antonio, Texas

Spanish architecture possesses certain distinctive features, in both plan and detail. Image by StevenM_61 via Flickr In plan, whether of residence or public building, the patio, or open inner courtyard, is a marked characteristic. In detail the use of wrought iron work for balconies, railings and grilles is equally characteristic. There is, too, the low […]

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Chritsmas In Old Mexico With A Pinata

Piñatas - SLP México 2007

It was a strange place on which to eat one’s Christmas dinner ; but it is the variety of life which makes its interest. The 25th of December is as dull in Mexico as the City on a Bank Holiday. Christmas is, nevertheless, a tremendous festival in Mexico; for the preceding nine days there are […]

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Old Spanish Furniture

Traditional Mexican Style Interiors

Old Spanish furniture has three outstanding qualities—-dignified, concentrated interest (ornate or simple) and useful. When a piece of furniture is beautiful in it’s own right – whether it’s simple or ornate in design – it will hold it’s own in any room. Traditional Mexican Style Interiors (Schiffer Design Book) It appears to be harmonious against […]

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Bungalow Courtyard Home Plan

Courtyard Home

This unique bungalow is  perfectly adapted for a summer home in anywhere. The side walls are cement stucco and the style is Spanish Mission, with wide projecting eaves, and the structure is true bungalow as it’s one story throughout. It is built around an inner court, or patio. The entrance to the bungalow is in […]

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Mission Style Architecture

Mission style architecture

Mission architecture, for the most part, needs considerable modification for use to-day, because those early monks and missionaries who reared the picturesque buildings for their churches and monasteries were sadly handicapped in building facilities. Virtually all the work had to be performed by their own hands, with but little assistance from their new converts, so […]

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Think Of Comfort Before Purchasing Antique Furniture

BATH, ENGLAND - JULY 14:  Terry Brotheridge, o...

Our Modern Habit of Being Comfortable Makes the Exclusive Use of Old Furniture In Our Houses an Impossibility Image by Getty Images via Daylife Manners, speech, the habits of daily life change con- tinually from age to age. The history of taste is a history of incessant and generally quite unreasonable fluctuation. The world has […]

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How To Arrange Furniture – 4 Great Tips

How To Arrange Furniture

Your room is a disaster… it just doesn’t seem to function the way the room is arranged. Does this sound familiar? By following a few easy tips you can learn How To Arrange Furniture so your room functions well and looks fresh and new. If you get bored with the look of your rooms, don’t […]

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Shopping For Unique Wall Sconces Hacienda Style


You can add light and style to any room by installing unique wall sconces. They provide a soft glowing light potentially making any room inviting and relaxing. Nowadays it is possible to find a variety of wall sconces. It is a good idea to try a few shops so that you can find the best […]

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Guide To Purchasing Spanish Property

Sweet 1920

photo credit: Wonderlane Before you go begin your hunt for that perfect Spanish home, it is especially important to do research of Spain on your own. Educate yourself. You will need to weigh the pros and cons. Find out what is procedure for buying or selling of real estate in Spain. Also you will need […]

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