Spanish Home Style In California

by THAT Painter Lady

I found this video published by a builder (Chandler Building) located in California. The Spanish Home Style pictured in this video is stunning and full of some great ideas.

Gardens in Spanish Style Homes really should always include lot’s of bougainvillea – as it is (and was) something that is seen everywhere in Southern California and the homes in Mexico that I have visited.

A two story home with an open courtyard is pictured – I’d love to have a home with a courtyard like this!

This video mentions that warm – brilliant colored interior walls contrast with the brilliant white exteriors.  This may be true for some Mexico style homes… but a true Hacienda style home would use more neutral colored interior walls and add the “punch” of color with accessories.

I could watch this video over and over just to see all the ornate iron work (or wrought iron) used for balcony’s and windows. It’s just fantastic.

They are spot-on with the use of rustic stone and tile for flooring. It’s just a traditional look that I really love. I didn’t win the battle for tile or stone floors in the master bedroom – we ended up with carpet. ;(

This video is short but full of brilliant ideas:

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