Spanish Style Art For Your Hacienda Home

by THAT Painter Lady

I was shopping online today for a piece of Spanish Style Art. I new I wanted colorful art… and I want a poster or print. I am not looking to spend a fortune. 

I need something to fill a space in the high wall space where the cathedral ceiling meets the wall over the doorway arches.

I currently have some old Carol Grigg prints of running horses… but these prints are from her pale color period. Now she uses much stronger colors… and I have one over the fireplace matted in deep tomato red. Gorgeous.

But those pale colored prints have to go… and I don't want all Carol Grigg prints in my Spanish Hacienda Style Home.  I really want to add some great Spanish Style Art. 

Here is what I found today…. so hard to choose:

Spanish Style Art


This print by Rivera is full of movement.

I love the Fiesta Spanish Dancers in their colorful attire.

The predominantly gold and Terra Cotta coloration is good for my Hacienda Style. 

The print is a bit square for my taste. I have rectangular framed prints in the space now, and really like the linear line of the art across the wall.


Spanish Girlfriends Art



This piece called Las Compadres is fulled with color.

I love the oranges and deep tomato red. 

The two girlfriends sharing secrets just makes me smile.


The square shape bothers me… again.

And because the prints will be hung so high… I am afraid the subtleties of the secret sharing would be lost to the viewer. 


Spanish Style Art For The Kitchen



Again with the wrong shape. 

But I just am in love with these colors.

Hot and Tropical… this would look good in a Spanish Style breakfast nook.

The details are not as attention grabbing or emotional as the first two.  

And I would like to see some movement details….

On to the next print.

I know I will find something to fit this space soon.

You do realize… I need 6 different prints.  

Art Print For Spanish Style Home




Okay… I may just have to give in a get this print.

I am a sucker for art that depicts Mothers with their babies.

The deep… rich colors are amazing. And the moon… can you see it glowing on the hills?

What about the way the artist captured the candlelight? 

I even like how the artist skewed  the perspective… it throws off the balance for a second.

Oh… and I collect religious art and the tiny crusifix on the wall will go well with the Hacienda Spanish Style.  I don't know where I will hang it yet but I am off too to choose a frame. 

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Esperanza (in New Mexico) February 20, 2008 at 11:35 pm

I like the last one. It doesn’t look Spanish to me, though. It looks Mexican

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