Spanish Style Home Exterior Paint Colors – Books and Pictures

by THAT Painter Lady

A great question from a reader. Where do you look for Spanish style homes exterior paint color ideas? In books and photographs, but… where do you find them? I have found several interesting websites and book recommendations. 

I'm having trouble finding the right exterior color for our new home (Spanish style) Is there any books or websites you can refer me to where i can look at some galleries?
Thanks a bunch

Here are several books that I can recommend. They have many pictures of hacienda and Spanish style home exteriors to help you in choosing your paint colors. Remember when choosing colors, that these homes are often in a neighborhood of similar looking homes. Choose your paint colors wisely, so you don't stand out as that ugly (whatever color) house.

Click on any picture below to see more information about the books. 



Websites that might be useful:

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