Architecture Of Mexico

I found this list of Mexico Style Architecture in an old book – Really Old! I’ve modified it some so it “reads” better… which means I’ve changed some of the archaic language. The history of Architecture is by no means confined to that of the structures erected by the English-speaking races of the United States. […]

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Spanish Style Houses

Spanish Governors Palace, San Antonio, Texas

Spanish architecture possesses certain distinctive features, in both plan and detail. Image by StevenM_61 via Flickr In plan, whether of residence or public building, the patio, or open inner courtyard, is a marked characteristic. In detail the use of wrought iron work for balconies, railings and grilles is equally characteristic. There is, too, the low […]

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Mission Style Architecture

Mission style architecture

Mission architecture, for the most part, needs considerable modification for use to-day, because those early monks and missionaries who reared the picturesque buildings for their churches and monasteries were sadly handicapped in building facilities. Virtually all the work had to be performed by their own hands, with but little assistance from their new converts, so […]

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Spanish Ironworks Moorish Influence


Spanish ironwork produced in Castile and Andalucia developed in an entirely different way due to the influence of the Moorish artists in the area. Besides being influenced by their designs, the Spanish blacksmiths were also influenced by their work in other metals. The Arab influences, it seemed, played the most important role in the design […]

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