Old Spanish Furniture

Traditional Mexican Style Interiors

Old Spanish furniture has three outstanding qualities—-dignified, concentrated interest (ornate or simple) and useful. When a piece of furniture is beautiful in it’s own right – whether it’s simple or ornate in design – it will hold it’s own in any room. Traditional Mexican Style Interiors (Schiffer Design Book) It appears to be harmonious against […]

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How To Arrange Furniture – 4 Great Tips

How To Arrange Furniture

Your room is a disaster… it just doesn’t seem to function the way the room is arranged. Does this sound familiar? By following a few easy tips you can learn How To Arrange Furniture so your room functions well and looks fresh and new. If you get bored with the look of your rooms, don’t […]

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Spanish Style Bathroom Vanity – Part II

Anitique Bathroom Vanity

If you want to catch up on Part I of the Article – click here: Mexican Style Bathroom Cabinets Spanish Style Bathroom Vanity First and perhaps the best indicator of the authenticity of it is the price. Authentic antique vanity can go 10 times more expensive as its antique-design counterpart, or even more. And just […]

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Mexican Style Bathroom Cabinets and Vanities | Antique or Not?

Mexican Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom cabinets with a Mexican or rustic style are hard to find. I would like to find an antique cabinet… just the right size for 2 sinks and in great shape that I could refurbish with sinks and a counter. Just try to find that without paying a mint in pesos! I ran into a […]

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