Architecture Of Mexico

I found this list of Mexico Style Architecture in an old book – Really Old! I’ve modified it some so it “reads” better… which means I’ve changed some of the archaic language. The history of Architecture is by no means confined to that of the structures erected by the English-speaking races of the United States. […]

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Chritsmas In Old Mexico With A Pinata

Piñatas - SLP México 2007

It was a strange place on which to eat one’s Christmas dinner ; but it is the variety of life which makes its interest. The 25th of December is as dull in Mexico as the City on a Bank Holiday. Christmas is, nevertheless, a tremendous festival in Mexico; for the preceding nine days there are […]

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Mexican Style Interior Design Takes You Away

peluqueria la bohemia, san juan teotihuacan

Are you tired of your home? Do you wish you could move to a different country and start all over again? If you redecorate your home with Traditional Mexican Style Interiors you can make it look like you’ve moved even though you haven’t. Which room in your house would you most like to create a […]

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Mexican Interior Designs Warm Your Home

Mexican vacations are a luxury that not everyone is able to afford, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the atmosphere of our southern neighbors any time of the year. Mexican interior designs warm your home and bring Mexico to you. If you’ve ever been to Mexico or the Southwest, you’ll recognize the influence of […]

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Mexican Style Bathroom Cabinets and Vanities | Antique or Not?

Mexican Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom cabinets with a Mexican or rustic style are hard to find. I would like to find an antique cabinet… just the right size for 2 sinks and in great shape that I could refurbish with sinks and a counter. Just try to find that without paying a mint in pesos! I ran into a […]

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