Rustic Tin Sconce And Mexico Décor for Your Walls

Mexican style homes are great for warmer climates because they tend to stay cooler than traditional homes. This style house also makes choosing how to decorate so much easier because Mexican Home Décor makes so much sense. One element you might want to consider for lighting is the rustic tin sconce, Mexico’s old fashioned way […]

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Mexican Interior Designs Warm Your Home

Mexican vacations are a luxury that not everyone is able to afford, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the atmosphere of our southern neighbors any time of the year. Mexican interior designs warm your home and bring Mexico to you. If you’ve ever been to Mexico or the Southwest, you’ll recognize the influence of […]

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Mexican Country Furniture Gives Old World Charm

Villa y Zapata Bar and entry to second dining room

If you’ve eaten Mexican food lately, you’ve probably seen how the Mexican country furniture gives old world charm to the restaurant.  What is Mexican country furniture and how can you incorporate it into your home? Authentic Mexican furniture is made from solid wood and often has iron drawer pulls or hinges.  Quite often they are […]

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