Spanish Ironworks Moorish Influence


Spanish ironwork produced in Castile and Andalucia developed in an entirely different way due to the influence of the Moorish artists in the area. Besides being influenced by their designs, the Spanish blacksmiths were also influenced by their work in other metals. The Arab influences, it seemed, played the most important role in the design […]

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Spanish Style Homes That Continue To Please

Spanish Style Homes

Stucco wall surfaces, arched doors and windows, and terra cotta tiled roofs are some of the elements of Spanish style homes that continue to please homeowners of this popular style house. Other elements that appeal to these homeowners are the low-pitched roof and wrought iron fences. Spanish style homes in the United States found their […]

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Spanish Ironworks Early History To Romanesque Rejas

Spanish Ironworks History

Historically, Spain was one of the countries in Europe that produced metal works out of copper, silver, and possibly bronze. This was all before iron was discovered, but no one knows exactly when iron was first used in Spain. There are some hints about its history, but nothing is positive. Experts do know that Greek […]

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