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Spanish Home Styles From 1929

I was looking through an old architectural book from 1929 and found these Spanish Style Homes pictured – some even have floor plans… enjoy! They called this one a Spanish Style Villa Spanish Home In Texas  Spanish Style Home In Florida Italian Influence Home – Still Spanish look in my opinion This Italian Style theme […]

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Mexican Style Interior Design Takes You Away

peluqueria la bohemia, san juan teotihuacan

Are you tired of your home? Do you wish you could move to a different country and start all over again? If you redecorate your home with Traditional Mexican Style Interiors you can make it look like you’ve moved even though you haven’t. Which room in your house would you most like to create a […]

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Spanish Style Décor For Every Home

Spanish Style Decor

Even if you don’t live in a Spanish style house, that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate elements in your home. In fact, it’s possible to use Spanish style décor for every home and architectural style. Spanish style décor is characterized by handcrafted wooden and leather furniture, wrought iron accessories, and bright colors. You don’t have […]

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Plan For Spanish Style Decorating

Homeowners all over the country take time out of their busy schedules to redecorate or remodel their homes when they tire of how their home looks.  If you like the look of Spanish Style Décor, why not roll up your sleeves and create your dream décor.  Here’s a plan for Spanish style decorating. Before you […]

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