Bungalow Courtyard Home Plan

Courtyard Home

This unique bungalow is  perfectly adapted for a summer home in anywhere. The side walls are cement stucco and the style is Spanish Mission, with wide projecting eaves, and the structure is true bungalow as it’s one story throughout. It is built around an inner court, or patio. The entrance to the bungalow is in […]

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Mexican Style Cabinet Pulls

Mexican style cabinet pulls play a double role; they are both utilitarian and decorative. They are the indispensable hardware of furniture and cabinets. At the same time, they are what might fitly be called its jewelry. Spanish Style 3-Inch Pull, Rustic Bronze Whether they be considered n their utilitarian or in their purely decorative capacity, […]

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Pictures of Spanish Hacienda Style Home

I found these pictures and just had to share. It looks like a 1930’s Spanish Style bungalow. I am especially fond of the Spanish Style bathroom, with floor to ceiling tile. And that Hacienda Style Kitchen… to die for!!! clipped from      

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