What Are Spanish Colonial Style Homes

by THAT Painter Lady

So many styles are related to Spanish Colonial Style Homes… each with just a bit of difference.  Today we begin the research into the styles architectural details, interiors and furnishings. 

Sometimes referred to as the Spanish Colonial Revival Movement… Spanish Colonial Style became a fashionable during the 1915 Panama-California International Exposition in San Diego.  

 Spanish Colonial Style

The Exposition was held to celebrate the opening of the Panama Canal and was built in San Diego in hopes of calling attention to the fact that this city had the first American Port of Call for ships traveling north after passing through the canal into the Pacific Ocean. 

The colonial Spanish style architecture dominated the early Spanish colonies in North and South America. 

The popularity of Southern California and it's culture became a nationwide movement after the novel Ramona was published and became hugely popular.

The impact the novel had on the culture and image of Southern California was enormous. Its romanticizing of Mexican colonial life gave the region a unique cultural identity and its publication coincided with the arrival of railroad lines to the region, bringing in countless tourists who wanted to see the locations in the novel.

Combinations of details from several eras of Mexican and Spanish architecture, marked most predominantly by the use of smooth plaster walls, concrete castings or terra cotta ornaments and clay tile roofs.

Other characteristics might include small porches or balcony, arched walkways, canvas awnings and decorative iron trim. 

Colonial Spanish StyleCalifornia Romantica: Spanish Colonial and Mission-Style Houses

Revival architects have taken the grand scale interior rooms and transformed their designs into modest, comfortable designs that worked well in city planning.

This movie is a 1930 exploration of the entire state of California. I was fascinated the entire 10 minutes of the film.

San Diego, Las Angeles and San Francisco ports are shown in great detail. The "working" Missions of California and Spanish style homes are viewed. A Spanish style courtyard home (now a museum) and an adobe home are also in the film.

If you love Spanish style architecture, this film gives a glimpse of this style from the 1930's viewpoint. Of course, the movie also includes Olivera St. in Las Angeles and China Town in San Fransisco. Golden Gate park, Sequoia and Yosemite Parks[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrYWBXzvB3s[/youtube]  

This is a varied subject that will take time to explore. Their are many "ages" in the Spanish Colonial Style era.  


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